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Tony is happily married to his wonderful wife Linda. They have a golden retriever, Abby.

He started playing bass in the early 70's when he was about 13. He had a friend that played guitar and one that played drums. He really wanted to play drums and even received a set of Liverpools from the Roses department Store. They were gold in color but, his friends said they really needed a bass player so he dropped the drums and got a P bass copy and a Fender 50 Bassman amp with a 4x10 cabinet. Like most up and coming bass and guitar players the first song he learned was Smoke on the Water……and the legend started ( :

When in high school he joined his first real band, it was a variety band that played older country tunes, some Doobie Brothers and some old standard tunes like the Elephant Song and some old country songs like "Your Cheatin Heart" just to name a few. They had to wear blue polyester pants, tan polyester jacket and a white shirt. He'll never forget his first paid gig. It was 35.00 cash and he looked in his hand and thought "It is hard to believe I am getting paid for something I really enjoy doing". ( :

A few years out of high school he joined a southern rock band by the name of "Gunsmoke". They played southern rock and blues by Lynard Skynard, Molly Hatchett, Eric Clapton and songs from one of the best bands ever in his opinion "The Allman Brothers Band".

The Allman Brothers Band are the ones that really made him concentrate on what he was playing. He thought if he could play "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and "Don't Want You no More", he could play just about anything.

During the years he had several opportunities to play with and sit in with with several bands and played many venues becoming one of the most sought of bassists in the area he played in.

Recently he felt that he needed more play time and answered an ad on Craig's List for a bassist position for the Chapter Four band. He was given some challenging Acoustic Alchemy songs to audition to and thought , "Hey if I can learn these I can play just about anything". Where have we heard that before? He then tried out for the position and found himself immediately becoming one of Chapters Four's greatest fans. He really thinks the reason he got the position is that he told Rocky, The Emerson Lake and Palmer song "From the Beginning" was one of the best songs ever written. He is very happy to be part of this book.