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Kevin Hughes

Kevin has been playing guitar since he was a teenager. He has been in various acoustic/electric bands over the years, starting with the worlds near-worst(but fun) teenage band Wildwood Jam, hailing from Wappinger’s Falls, NY.

He eventually got better, and hooked up to form the acoustic band Hughes, Young, and Secor, playing CSN, Eagles and other 60s/70s bands. At the same time he and two of his sisters decided they wanted to do the wedding ceremony scene, and they sang at the wedding services of about 50 or so happy couples.

Playing recreationally after that, Kevin was persuaded by his brother Tom to entertain at the New Hamburg Yacht Club one evening, which let to him hooking up with a tasty guitar player named Tom Smith.

This eventually led to a 6-piece club and wedding band called Breakaway, which had a great run in the Hudson Valley for about 8 years. His wife Carol was added to the band a few years after the formation, which opened us up to much more of a selection of tunes !

Relocating to North Carolina for work, Kevin met up with some guys, and he and Carol joined a band called Second Shift, playing club jobs in the Triangle area for a few years. When they parted ways, he took some time off, and once again was recruited to play at a local restaurant called Michael Deans, where he met Jim Colavito(AKA Rocky). They would go on to eventually form a 5 piece acoustic bar band called Amnesia, which lasted a few years. Over time came another 6-piece club band called Famous on Friday(FOF). FOF had a good run for 3-4 years.

After Kevin decided to leave that band, he and Rocky and Carol stayed in touch, and began the formation of our present band , Chapter Four . The depth of playing experience over the years suits this band well, and it is a pleasure to be gigging with our Chapter Four family !