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Amnesia Band

This is what we'll consider as Chapter Two. The group's name was still Amnesia, but now there were five members. This format gave us even more flexibility in the choice of music and allowed us to play some of the more popular night spots in Raleigh.

Amnesia, as this larger group, continued as such until May of 2004 when the group disbanded. At this point in time we all decided to take a break from playing music.

Once again in November of 2005, we felt we should try to form another band. We began the process by auditioning bass players. We were lucky enough to find Don Billow who then led us to Emil LaCivita on keyboards. We finalized the group when we found Jim McPhail on drums. This six person group became known as Famous On Friday (FOF).

FOF Logo

Thus began Chapter Three of the story. The six of us rehearsed for several months and then performed our opening show on June 3, 2006. The larger six piece band allowed for even more flexibility than we had been accustomed to and gave us the ability to cover many diverse artists and music genres.