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Chapter Four Band Story

As the name implies, Chapter Four is the fourth iteration of bands involving some common members namely, Kevin, Carol and Rocky.

If we are speaking in terms of chapters, what could be called Chapter One began on May 11, 2000 when the group "Amnesia" played for the first time.

Amnesia, at the outset, was just the trio of Kevin, Carol and Rocky. We initially played only acoustic music, but after a few months we started to introduce electric guitars to widen the variety of material we played.

Amnesia Trio

Amnesia went on, in trio form, for about a year and then we decided that we needed a bit of a change.

We collectively agreed that we should see how our repetoire would sound if we added bass guitar and drums. After finding the right musicians and after a few rehearsals it became clear that we should pursue performing as a larger group.