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Alan Schwenk

Alan grew up in a suburb of Detroit and was exposed to music at an early age. His parents met in the church choir. Everyone in his family was musically inclined and played at least one instrument. Most of the music played on records in the house was classical or big band as Alan was growing up, but he developed a liking for rock and roll in 5th grade, which started with Elton John's Crocodile Rock! In 6th grade Alan started taking drum lessons and joined the school band. One of his best friends was in the band also, and they developed an interest in writing lyrics and poems.

Alan continued taking lessons through school, both on snare drum and drum set. Through concert and symphonic bands in high school, Alan learned to play many different percussive instruments from the xylophone to tympani. In one concert Alan played a song titled "The Worried Drummer" where he played all the percussive instruments which the school owned.

Alan also played the drum set in rock and roll bands during high school;his favorite drummers were Louise Bellson (big band) and John Bonham (heavy metal) what a contrast! Alan also really enjoyed marching band. He joined drum and bugle corps and traveled around to competitions. Alan put the sticks down for college, other than teaching high school percussion section during marching band season every year.

After college Alan moved to NC and focused on his professional career at Nortel. His goal was always to get back to playing drums; he also had a goal to learn to play the acoustic guitar in order to write songs from his earlier interest in writing lyrics.

In Feb of 2011, Alan signed up for acoustic guitar lessons through Wake Tech Community College. This is where he met Rocky, who was teaching the class. Alan developed a good friendship with Rocky which eventually led to the audition for Chapter Four as the percussionist. Alan is enjoying playing electronic drums for Chapter Four as it allows for a variety of instruments for the songs.